Wounded friend
Lost treasure

As they came down from that mountain, rock fell down on one of her friend's hand. She was badly wounded. Julia said to her friend, "she can't climb down this mountain with this wound, we must take a long way down. But it may take multiple days for us to reach our town" she continued, "we must go around"

They took the other way down. As they were coming down from that mountain, with one of her friend wounded, they have to stop again for rest. It was already getting dark and they find themselves a food. They lit a fire, but this time they were aware of the wolfs. As they were eating, the rain start to pour again. But this time they do not have to worry about it because they make a hut out of twigs and leaves. It was enough for the three of them to keep dry. They sleep there that night.

When the dawn comes, they start their journey again. They also make a spear out of woods, just in case. After long walks, they came across a river. There are lots of fishes. As they walk along the river bank, they spot a people in a distant rocks of that river. They were just lying on the rocks, and some were swimming. Their hearts were filled with glad to see the people. As they walk towards them, they sense something peculiar about them. But they continued to walk towards them. They were only a few distance away from them now, and Julia notice that they were not humans. They does not have a legs, instead they have a long tail like that of fish. They were scared. She said, "what are they, I've never seen anything like this before. Let's get out of here before they see us". As she was saying these, those creature saw them. Julia and her friends does not have any option but to run. The creature throw a rocks at them. But they manage to escape. However, one of her friend was in severe pain from her wound. 

It was already a noon, and they rest for a while and continue in their journey. And they continued in their journey for one more day. Finally, they get to the farmland at the edge of their town. When they arrived at the town, all the town's folk asked them where they have been. They told them about their adventure. They showed them the wound of her friend, and showed them the gemstone they collected from the treasure room. The town's folks does not believed them at first, but when they show them the gemstone they've collected, they finally believe it.

Soon, the words spread all around the town. And it reaches to the Mayor's ear. The mayor was greedy and obsessed with the treasure. He called Julia and her friends to him. He ask whether the story was true or not. They told him everything, and show him the evidence of it. At once, the mayor ordered the sheriff to gather a troops and decided to excavate that treasures.

One week later, they were ready to go, they took the necessary equipment and manpower with them. He ask Julia and her friends to come along. All of them went up to the mountain. There were almost 20 armed soldiers, Mayor himself, sheriff and Julia and her friends. As they climb and reach to the top, they search for a place to make a camp. Mayor says, "we will prepare a necessary equipment for excavation. And we will go down to that cave tomorrow"

On that night, some soldiers went inside the cave. As they were going inside they could hear someone talking and making noises. Like somebody is working inside. They couldn't go any further but come back and tell everyone about it. When Mayor heard about it, he knew that some treasure hunter came and found it. He ordered some of his troops to block the exit and others to come inside the cave with him. As they were walking inside that cave, they walk carefully as not to get hurt. When they reach the treasure chamber, half of the treasure was gone. And they saw a mermaids taking it away into the pit filled with water. They shot the mermaids but missed it.

    To be continue...........