Across the river
Diamond mines 1

Once upon a time, there live a man who was lazy and always look for an easy money. His name was Kotnesor. He has a certain friend, who was also like him. They were a type of man who wants luxury but never want to work.

One day, one of his friend, Mikmak came to him with a great news. He said to him, "hey Kotnesor, I found a treasure map. The map will lead us to an old diamond mines of the past kingdoms and empires". At once, Kotnesor grab the map and look at it. It was an old piece of paper, with some lines drawn and names of place written in it. He replied, "Well, looks like it's a map, but how do you know that it was a way to a diamond mines?". Mikmak pauses for a while, and said that he get this map from an old library of the school. He also found a bunch of letters along with it, talking about diamond mines.

After a few moment, Kotnesor gather his friends to go for a treasure hunt. His friends include, Jaksram and Agam. Now, the four of them gather, and talk about it and decided to go for a treasure hunt the next day. All of them did not sleep that night by preparing for their adventure. They never knew what would they encounter in their journey. Jaksram made himself a bow and an arrows, Agam sharpened his dad's knifes, Mikmak and Kotnesor prepare the food and materials for their journey.

Kotnesor and his friends ready for a journey

As the dawn came, they got ready with their horses and sat up a saddle and started their journey. They went through a thick forest, through a river, and finally to a grassland. They stopped there to get a rest. They make a camp and plan their way.

The sun was already setting down as they finished their hut. They lit up a fire. It was cold and snowing. After few hours, they heard a loud and roaring sound near their camp. Everyone was alerted, and got ready with their weapons. Jaksram with an arrow, Agam with a knife, and others with a spear and sword. They could hear the sound coming from the woods. Moment later, they could see a huge, dark living being crawling out from the woods. All of them were nervous but they stood their ground. After sometime, they recognised that as a huge grizzly bear. It aggressively rush towards them to attack. Jaksram release the first arrow. It pierced right through its belly, but it does not seem to hurt it. It continue to rush in. Than, Mikmak counter attack it with a spear. The spear goes right through the heart of that bear, unfortunately, the bear fall on top of him. It was heavy. Somehow, they manage to pull Mikmak out of it. He was badly wounded. One of his ribs got fractured.

They have no option but to go back home. But as Kotnesor was greedy and obsessed with the treasure, he does not want to go back but decided to continue with their journey and to leave him somewhere safe. As the dawn break, they started their journey. After hours of riding, they came to a small town. Mikmak said, "I will just stay here until you come back or I get better". And just like that they left him in that town's hospital.

They continued with their journey. After a week later, they came to a place where they have to cross a vast river to reach that place. They won't be able to bring their horse with them. Therefore, they exchange their horse with the merchant passing by for a log and some food. With that log, they made a raft and try to cross that river. The current of that river was very strong. And some ice blocks were also drifting down from the uphill river. As they were crossing the river, suddenly the huge block of ice came and hit their raft with a huge force. Jaksram and Kotnesor fell to the river. The current was very strong, and Agam was only one left on the raft. He pull up Kotnesor, but Jaksram disappeared in the river. They tried very hard to get to the other side of the river. Finally, after so much of effort, they make it to the river bank.  As they stare at the river, they spot Jaksram on the other side. He was barely able to stand up. As they shout to him, he wave back and said, " Go ahead without me, we must find that treasure and when you do, remember us".
Across the river

"Now, only two of us  left, what do you say?" Kotnesor asked Agam. He replied, "okay,  let's go get that treasure, may their effort  won't go in vain" and by saying these, they continued with their journey. They walk that snowy, no man's land. After walking for many days, they ran out of their food. They have to hunt for food. They search for a rabbit, deer, stag or a moose. But they could not find it. Finally, they found a small leopard. They shot it with an arrow. But they miss it. They chase it, but was faster.

They have to stay without food for some days. But they continued with their journey. Agam says, "I cannot go any further without anything to eat. I will stay here, hunt and get food, you just go ahead," therefore, Kotnesor leave him an arrow, a knife and a spear. But he just continued in his journey only with a sword. As he walk for some miles on a snowy land, he finally arrived to that place.

That place was on a low ground. As he was on top of a hill, he can get a full view of that mines from the top of the hill. As he gaze upon his riches, he remembered his friends. And he shout out loudly, "we are rich"

               To be continue...........