The fictional diamond cave

Once upon a time, in a small town in Asia, there live a young girl called Julia. When she was just a child, her mother died. She live with her father, who was drunk all the time. She was an attractive young lady. Not only that, but she was also an adventurous and always ready to take up any challenges. Furthermore, she has a best friend name Chesia, who was adventurous as much as Julia.

One day, they went on an adventure with their friends from a town. They went to a nearby mountain for a rock climbing. It was a monsoon season. During that time the rain showers at anytime without a warning. As they start to climb up the mountain, one of her friend said "maybe it's not a good idea, maybe we should just go back home today" and by saying this, she stays back. But Julia and two of her friends continue in their adventure.

They start to climb up the mountain. The mountain was rocky, but at the top it was green and filled with trees of all kind. It was difficult to climb. Moreover, it's really a challenge for a girl to climb the rocks. Even though it's difficult, they don't just give up. Finally, after hours of struggle, they made it to the top.

As they reached the top, they get the view of the other side of the mountain. On the other side was a dense forest and not a single sign of humans living there. As they gaze upon the beautiful view, the rain start to pour down heavily. They can not climb down that rock because it will be too slippery. So they waited for the rain to stop. But even after an hour, the rain does not stop. So, they decided to go to the other side of the mountain to take shelter under the forest, and maybe even find some caves.

When they reach the foothill of the other side, they found a huge cave. The cave was dark and it was damp. All of them get inside it and wait for the rain to stop. The rain continued for another two to three hours. When the rain starts to stop, the sun was also setting down. They can not climb down that rock in the dark, so they have to stay the night in that cave. It was cold and dark, and could hear the sound of howling wolves. Moreover, they do not have a food, and were hungry.

Fortunately, her friend knows how to make fire. When the fire was lit and starts to glow, the pack of wolf came to the cave. They do not have any option but to run to the deeper side of the cave. As they ran faster and faster into the cave, in a dark.... Suddenly, they fall into the pit, full of water. The wolf stopped chasing them. They swim down into the water, hoping to find a way out.
A moment later, they found another way out of that pit. They were wet and cold in the dark. So they grab whatever they can find to burn and to start a fire. Soon they make a fire and warm themselves up. As they got dry and warm enough, they make a torch and start to explore in search of their way out. Few minutes after their exploration, they found a huge gemstone. They collect it and continue.... As they went on, they come across a huge chamber where the room is made up of jasper, gold, and diamonds and other gemstones. It was beautiful. The room was bright because of the refraction of the gemstones from their torch. They said to each other, "we will be rich, but how can we be able to get it out of here and take it?" So they decided to leave it just like that and come back later. But that night, they just slept in that room and get some rest.

When they rest enough, they woke up and start to find their way out. After searching, they finally find their way out. It was already a noon when they got out of that cave. It was sunny and warm day. They decided to go home and come back later to excavate that treasure
                                                    To be continue......