Tura Peak
A view of Tura peak from Darichikgre

The sloppy hill; the beautiful one, 

You are the face of Tura. 

You are home to many birds, 

And a land full of flowers. 

You may not be very high;

But you are the one on which we can rely. 

From you the majestic rivers flow, 

The sun rises through you with a golden glow. 

The greenery of the hills touches my heart, 

But my heart fade when you are being cut. 

Before you were known as 'A.bri Simdim', 

Now you are full of wounds. 

-Kamkam Bata Ch. Momin
ICFAI University, Tura.
View of tura peak from polytechnic
Tura peak from Tura Polytechnic.