Chapter 2

Spreading like a burning fire

Horror of the plague

It's official, our land got contaminated by the dreadful disease. The authorities were alert about the new patient in our hospital. He was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit immediately.

Let me tell you about how ugly this disease is! That patient is breathing heavy and his never ceasing cough is too much for him to bear. He might have taken his ability to breath for granted when he was healthy, but now the story is completely different. He has to struggle for every single breath he has to take, and even then, he can barely breathe. His stomach and his chest contracts inward more and more every time he coughs. His tired eyes were clearly visible as he coughs uncontrollably.

A mechanical ventilator has to be introduced to his respiratory system. This process is called intubation. The ventilator's tube has to be inserted into his throat upto his trachea. The process sometimes can be very painful, especially if it is administered by less experienced practitioners. This was done inorder to help the patient breath more comfortably but let me tell you, this is still not a remedy for this disease. There is no medicine or a vaccine for this disease yet. This disease is not a joke, and it can make you suffer, or worst.  

The number of patients grew day by day. The date is 23rd of February, 2020, and the confirmed cases reached 150 patients. In our hospital, the number of patients grew from 1 upto 37 in just two days. Morever, the reported death due to Covid-19 from other hospitals have already reached 3 patients. 

The infected people must immediately be put under isolation and those exposed to the disease must also be immediately asked to self- quarantine. 
to be continued...