The Hospital
Dessicated rose 5
We reached the hospital at late-night. It took us about 2-3 hours to reach the nearest hospital as the road was bumpy and terrible, and was slippery as well. The hospital was not in a good condition, and the doctor was not present at the emergency room either. There was only one nurse on duty that night.

As we arrived to the hospital, she quickly rushed to inspect me. She brought out a stretcher and took me into the hospital bed. I noticed that there were only three beds in the hospital, all of them were empty. She applied some medicine to my wound and gave me some pills and went to another room to make a call. As she made a call, I could hear every words she was saying over the phone, "Hello, Doctor Sangma" she said, "You should come to the hospital right away... Yes... fracture bones I guess.... yes sir...". Then she slammed the phone, and rushed back to me. My aunt and uncle were standing near my bed, and the nurse told my uncle, "Doctor will be here in a moment, please wait."

She then rushed to the other room and reach for the cupboard. I could see what she was doing as the door curtain was open. She opened the cupboard, took out the bandages from the stack. She also took out some syringe from the cupboard and reach for the fridge. I was not expecting  to see lots of what looks like medicines inside that fridge. She took out one of the medicines, and put it on the table along with the bandages.

After ten minutes or so, the doctor arrived. He still looked sleepy. He came and examined my legs, hands and my back. He then pressed my leg with his fingers and asked me, "Did it hurt?" I answered, "Yes". I was in tremendous pain at that time. He asked the nurse to bring the bandages, a syringe and some medicines. He took out a syringe and a medicine saying, "It's a pain killer. It'll help you ease the pain for now."

The doctor applied the bandages, and asked me to take some rest. He told me that I have to go to Tura to take an X-ray in the morning, since they did not have the machine in their hospital. Now the pain seemed to be somewhat bearable after the injection, and I could lie down on my back. Even then, I could still feel the pain in my back and my hip.

to be continued..