An Imperceptible Foe

An invisible foe,
Lurking in the shadow.
Threatening humankind,
Taking us back into the time
Of Great despair and sorrow
Of the years long ago.

'tis an imperceptible creature,
Causing grave disaster;
Slaying unsuspecting human being,
Breaking the hearts of its victims' kin.
Along with all the grief it has brought,
Instilled fear in the hearts of the bold.

Together we will fight,
This perilous parasite.
Maintaining social distancing,
Keeping the personal hygiene,
Retiring the habits of smoking,
And keep ourselves from suffocating.

Hide oneself from the society,
Protect the family from tragedy.
Socializing for selfish pleasure,
Would bring the loved ones in danger.
Endure the agony of isolation for a while,
Or watch a pile of dead rising up high.

Soon we will defeat this dreadful foe,
Human kind will make it into tomorrow.
With the efforts of all of us,
The pandemic will come to a halt.
Learning from all the mistakes we have made,
We will be prepared for the next invade.

-Kamkam Bata Ch. Momin
ICFAI Universiy, Tura