Chapter 2

Dessicated rose
One day, when we were in school, one of my friends, Rimse said, "Tamchi, you like roses, right? Well, my dad brought home a rose plant which has the reddest bloom we've ever seen. Would you like to come to our house and take a look at it? I know you'll love it". To that, I exclaimed, "Really!! You know how much I love roses". So we planned to go to her house after the class. During the lunch break, we told my sister about our plan. And Rimse asked her to come along with us to see the rose.

After the school, we headed to Rimse's home, which is situated in the opposite direction of our home. After walking for about half an hour, we finally reached her home. Her parents were also at home. We greeted and conversed with them for a while. Thereafter, Rimse took me and my sister to the garden to see the rose that she had told us about. Her father also accompanied us to the garden. He said, " when I was your age, I used to watch my grandmother gardening". He continued, "She used to tell me that little children are like flowers in the garden. You can grow up to give a beautiful bloom however, if the gardener does not take care of it, the evil weed will overgrow and lost its bloom. When you grow up and become a parent, take care of your children like I care for my flowers, else the weed will overgrow it".

We admired the beauty of the rose, and the garden for a while. After some time, it was time for us to head back home. But before we leave their home, Rimse's father gave me a plant saying, "This is the rose plant which you have come to see today, I wanted to give it to you. I heard that you have a garden of you own. I bet it is beautiful". He continued, "I know you'll take care of it to see it bloom beautifully one day". I replied, "thank you". We thanked them, bade goodbye and headed towards home.

When we get back home, we rushed to our garden to plant the rose. I dug up the ground, while Wanse prepared the fertilizers.  She mixed all the necessary ingredients, and planted the rose in the garden. When we're done, we went to the creek nearby to fetch the water for the plant as well as for a bath after a long day.

At that moment, we heard a loud noise at home. It was our father. He came home drunk and started shouting and throwing out the utensils. My mother just got back home from the field after a long day work and was alone at home. We rushed back home from the creek without fetching the water. When we reached home, everything was a mess. My father had thrown out almost everything from the kitchen. He even beat my mother, who just came home tired and hungry from a long day work. It just felt like the weeds were overgrowing our home of rose- a weed of drunkenness and unkindness, a weed of hatred and violence. I broke down and cried. Our neighbour came and tried to calm down my father.

To be continued...