Disconsolate home
Dessicated rose 4
That evening, my father came home drunk and angry again. We could hear him shouting and yelling even  before he reach home. He was cursing someone by its name. The sound of him yelling and cursing became louder and louder minute after minute. Everyone at home was silent, waiting for him, wishing this time he won't create havoc. I was heartbroken because of the flower, and now to make things worst, my father was drunk and angry again. We knew that he will certainly throw out the utensils and beat our mother again. Sometimes, I wished he wasn't like this. I just wanted to see him sober, and make some time to spend with us. I just hoped that one day he will change.

Few moments later, he finally reached home. My mother was standing near the front door, while Wanse and I were watching from the kitchen window. He fell down on the front yard. My mother rushed to help him up, and tried to get him to the house. He got angrier when mom helped him, and pushed her away to the ground. Mom got up and tried to help him again. At that moment, he grabbed one of the firewoods that was lying on the ground and started beating mom. Wanse and I started crying. Somehow, I gathered some courage, rushed out of the kitchen and screamed at him. Now, all his attention came to me. He stared at me for a while with his drunken red eyes, came to me and pushed me over. I saw my mother getting up and limping. At that moment, he grabbed my arms and started beating me. He beat me on my hips, back, and my legs. Some of our neighbours rushed to our home, and tried to calm down my dad, helped my mom up. After that, I could not remember what happened. I passed out.

When I woke up, I could not move my legs. Most of our neighbours gathered at our house. Some were still trying to calm down my dad, some were helping mom as she got many bruises from the hit. Some were inspecting my legs, and trying to apply a local medicine to the cuts. And at a distance, I saw Wanse crying alone in the corner of our yard. After sometime, my uncle and aunt who lived at some distance away from our home arrived. He rushed towards me, carefully tried to get me into his vehicle. I still was not able to move my legs and my back. All I can feel is the pain - a tremendous pain. He said, "I'll get you to the hospital, it's going to be okay".

When my uncle starts his vehicle, I saw a rose on the ground, the one that got plucked from the garden, through a car window. I asked my aunt to pick it up for me. She got down from the vehicle, picked up the rose from the ground and gave it to me. I thanked her as she gets back into the car. The hospital was pretty far away from our village, and it was already dark when we started off from our home. 
To be continued...