Dessicated rose 3
A few weeks later,
We woke up to the sound of birds chirping, wind blowing and the sound of the creeks streaming nearby. I got out of my bed, headed towards the garden to look at the rose just as usual. The rose started budding. I ran back to our room to tell my sister about it. I exclaimed, " come and look Wanse, the rose started producing buds. I hope, soon we'll be able to see it bloom !". "Really?" She asked. Both of us rushed back to the garden, and when I look at Wanse's face, she gave a sweetest sigh of gladness. Then she turned to me and said, "I hope it will bloom this week". We got down to the ground and plucked some weed growing near the plant.

After sometime, we head out of the garden, went to the creek nearby to fetch some water, washed ourselves and got ready for the school. While we're fetching the water, my mother was busy preparing us some food. My father was still in the bed snoring. He had too much drink the other night and still seemed to be having a hangover. The smell of an alcohol in his body was all over the room where he was sleeping. It made me feel tipsy and nauseating. After all the household work was done, Wanse and I had our meal and headed to the school. At school, I told Rimse about the rose plant and how it starts budding. She was so glad to hear it. That week, we woke up early everyday to check if it has bloomed.

Later that week, one morning, I woke up early as usual to check if it had bloomed yet. When I went to the garden, my heart was glad to see that the rose plant that I've been eagerly waiting had eventually bloomed. Roses were my favourite flower and still are...and I've seen many roses bloomed, yet never have I seen any rose flowers as red as that one. It was as red as a fully ripped cherry. Reds were my favourite colour and I'm obsessed with it. My sister, Wanse came to the garden after me. She was also glad to see it bloom after awaiting for several weeks.

As usual, after finishing our household chores and having our meals, we went to the school. I told Rimse about the flower, and she was happy for us too. When the class was over, we head back home.

When we got back home, we went to the creek, fetch some water, prepared us a dinner. After all the chores are done, I went to the garden in the evening when the sun was about to set down. As I got into the garden, and reach the rose plant, I could not find the flower anymore. It has been plucked. Somebody must have plucked it and took it away. I broke down in tears. I said to myself, "I've been a good gardener. I clear all the weeds that was invading our garden, I take care of it everyday, I've waited patiently to watch it bloom. But now, someone just came and plucked it away like it was nothing". "How could someone do such a thing?" I continued. My sister came and comforted me. She said, "it's okay Tamchi, you do not need to weep anymore. The flower will bloom again. You did what you've to do. You'll always be a good gardener. You've waited patiently, and worked so hard to see it bloom".

That evening, dad came home drunk and angry again.
To be continued...